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Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops, Advertising Company

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oil free air compressor






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GalileoStarD worm drive air compressor,spray guns with compressor

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Oil-free silent air compressor
(The motor is full copper core coil, not absolutely silent, it sounds very small compared to normal)

The oil-free silent air compressor is widely used in dental, aquaculture, food, medicine, fitness, beauty, chemical, scientific experiments and other fields because it can provide pure and environmentally friendly gas source without oil pollution. It can also be used as a vacuum pump.

Its main advantages are as follows:
1. The motor is optimized by advanced design system to ensure high power, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high performance and high reliability.
2. The piston ring adopts new environmentally friendly material design, has small friction coefficient and can be self-lubricating, replacing the history of oil lubrication of traditional piston machine. More importantly, it does not produce harmful gas containing any oil, and does not cause secondary damage to the gas source. Pollution.
3. The cylinder liner adopts advanced surface hardening process to greatly reduce the thickness and accelerate the heat transfer; effectively improve the compactness and wear resistance of the surface and reduce the friction coefficient. This extends the service life and reduces maintenance time and costs.
4. The intake and exhaust valve system is made of Swedish valve steel belt after more than 80 hours of precision barrel grinding. With reasonable noise reduction design, the volumetric efficiency is greatly improved, and the noise is significantly lower than other similar products.
5. Multiple pressure and overload protection to ensure smooth and reliable machine operation.
6. The whole machine is thoughtful and thoughtful, flexible in movement, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
Buyers pay attention: the machine runs for a certain period of time, the machine will be hot, this is a normal phenomenon, just like the motorcycle exhaust pipe, heat, home children, please pay attention, touch the wrong , thank you! !

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There was a hatchet which had been brought ashore in the chest and had already done good service in making the masts for the boat This was now made use of for the purpose of getting the necessary supply of poles and b for the camp As there was only one hatchet they could not of course cut the b quite so fast as was desirable but Bruce cut pretty quickly and kept two of them well employed in carrying the poles and b to the grassy knoll Phil and Pat did this work while Bart occupied himself with the preparation of the ground for the erection of the camp He first selected a place that seemed suitable where there was a level space about twelve feet square Then he sharpened one of the stakes and cutting off a portion of it about three feet long he hardened the point by burning it in the fire He then marked out the line of foundation and made holes in the ground all around the marked space so that the stakes might be inserted without any delay Fortunately there were no stones to interfere with his work The ground was sandy and he drove his stake in without any difficulty

In this way they worked until noon when Solomon called them to dinner All the boys were amazed at finding that the time had passed so rapidly and they saw by this a fresh and striking example of the importance of having some pleasant occupation in life It had been for want of this to a great extent that their time had dragged along so slowly first during the famine on board theGalileoStarD worm drive air compressor,spray guns with compressorAntelope and afterwards on board the Petrel

After dinner they examined their work and concluded that the immense heap of stakes and bwood ought to suffice for the needs of any ordinary camp so now they proceeded to the important task of its erection

Bart had made a double row of holes around four sides which were intended to enclose the camp These holes were about a foot apart and the rows were separated by a space of about three inches

The next task was to prepare the stakes These were sharpened and cut about seven feet long and as fast as each one was prepared it was inserted as tightly as possible in one of the holes Before long all the stakes were set up and the outline of the camp became dimly visible Bart and Phil now went off in search of roots which might serve the purpose of cords to bind together those portions of the frame which needed securing leaving Bruce and PaGalileoStarD worm drive air compressor,spray guns with compressor at work preparing other stakes the one with his hatchet and the other with a knife The roots were found without any difficulty most of them belonging to a species of dwarf willow or osier and they were as flexible and as strong as the stoutest cord

The next thing was to take four long poles and bind these along the top of each row of stakes so as to form the eaves of the camp When all these were secured the framework was quite as strong as was necessary

It now remained to form the roof This was a matter of some difficulty but was at length successfully achieved They had all had so much practice in campbuilding that there was but little hesitation at any stage of the proceGalileoStarD worm drive air compressor,spray guns with compressordings The way in which the roof was erected was so ingenious that it deserves to be explained They procured two stout poles about fifteen feet long which they put at each end of the structure binding each firmly in its place and leaving at the top a fork formed from the projecting stump of one of the severed branches Across these and resting on these forks they laid their ridgepole and bound this firmly in its place To make it still stronger they set up a third support in the middle of the camp and thus made the ridgepole firm enough to bear the weight of any of them

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There was still an open space at each gable end but it was their intention to leave windows here Poles were fastened in such a way that a square space was left in each gable which admitted an ample amount of light and the remainder was filled in with b like the sides The door of course had been attended to in the construction of the frame

It had been hard work but they were all adepts at the business and knew exactly how to do each thing The consequence was that by sundown their camp was all completed and only needed a few finishing touches which could very well be postponed till the following day

They all sat down to their evening repast with the consciousness that they had passed a wellspent day Solomon had done his duty as usual with a minute conscientiousness and a painful care of the smallest details which was evinced by the exquisite flavor of the oyster stew The chief regret that they had was that Arthur and Tom were not there to share it

After tea none of them ventured to move They were more utterly fagged out than they ever remembered to have been in the whole course of their lives There had of course been times when they had been more exhausted and Phil could tell a tale of weariness which might have shamed his present feelings but for the fatigue resulting from sheer hard work they never knew anything that had equalled this Their s were all covered with blisters and balsam while an additional air of shabbiness had been given to them by new rents and tatters in their clothes

After sunset they noticed that the wind was stronger and the sea rougher The Petrel had moved also still farther in to the shore

Another nightll finish her said Bruce if this wind continues

I hope theyll land said Bart thinking of Arthur and Tom

Well as to that said Bruce it seems to me that they wont feel inclined to sail all night and theyll land if they only can but the trouble is they may find themselves off some coast where no landing can be made

I dare say said Bart thoughtfully that the coast is rough enough all along for most of the way but then fortunately this wind is off the land so theyll be all right The danger would be if it was in any other direction As it is the closer they keep in to the shore the safer theyll be and in fact the safest place for them would be close in under the highest cliffs

Well that certainly is a consolation said Bruce with a sigh of relief Ive been a good deal bothered all the afternoon for I noticed that the wind was rising I rather think youre in the right of it Bart and Im glad enough that you thought of that

O theyre all right said Phil as long as the wind is this way

The throuble is said Pat they might have to go round some headland and thin theyd catch it hot and heavy

O they wouldnt try it if it was too rough said Bart Theyd haul up ashore and wait till the wind went down The fact is theyll do just as any of us would do in the same circumstances Neither Arthur nor Tom is inclined to run any risks They know that theres no hurry that weve got lots of provisions Theyve got a good supply too and so theyll take it easy My opinion is they both landed two or three hours ago hauled up their boat high and dry picked up some drift wood and are at this moment sitting in front of a roaring fire calmly discussing what had best be done tomorrow

This discussion about the fate of their two absent friends made them all feel quite at their ease once more and soon after they went to bed inside of the camp

Here they found a pleasant surprise awaiting them which had been devised by Solomon He had taken the fat out of some of the jars of potted meat and put it in two cups In these he had ingeniously arranged floating wicks and lighted them So now

GalileoStarD worm drive air compressor,spray guns with compressor